diy stickers, etc

Once I got my business cards in the mail, I wanted a fun way to "dress them up" when enclosing them in packages. I got some little kraft paper and glassine bags, a neat-o rubber stamp, some baker's twine (still waiting on that), a paper punch, and made some stickers!

*diy stickers*

xyron create-a-sticker + paper punch + paper = super cool stickers

I use paper from security envelopes to make my stickers. There are some pretty cool patterns/colors to be found in your mail. FYI, Target sends their bills out in some pretty nifty envelopes. Another reason to love them. Kind of makes getting your bills a teeny bit less painful ;) Find sticker worthy paper in magazines, old gift wrap, greeting cards, scrapbook paper. . .

Where I found my goodies:

Xyron Sticker Maker - got mine at Hobby Lobby for about $5 during a 50% sale. I've seen them at Walmart as well.

Thanks. stamp - LD Craft Supplies

Glassine Bags - Sugar B Supplies

Kraft Paper Bags - Hobby Lobby. Use a coupon. Cheap!

Paper Punch - Hobby Lobby


Want more packaging inspiration? Want to gawk at pretty papery things? Go here:

Creature Comforts


  1. So fun. I love how you have personalized everything. What a fun toy to have.

  2. You're SO crafty! I love these! Can we hang out and have a craft day? :-)

    I love that you use the paper from the security envelopes. I'll be looking at my mail more closely now!

  3. You gave me a great idea on packaging.

  4. ummm, I love these!!! definitely going to have to check out that sticker thingy! I agree with mary about having a crafty day!

  5. Love the different materials you used (or reused). Can't wait to try the security envelope stickers!

  6. Wow your cards look flippin' awesome! Wow again cause that's how awesome! I'll definitely be following you and visiting often. :O)

    ~ ~

  7. The cards look really great, and I am relieved that I am not the only person who collects security envelopes. I was afraid I had a hoarding problem, but all the different designs are so neat.