Chicken Legs

First, I need to say hello and welcome to all of you new readers who've made your way over from How About Orange , Gooseberry Patch Blog, and Craftiness is not Optional. Thank you so much to these blogs for the awesome mentions :)


I spent most of yesterday in a sewing frenzy. A bit of sewing for the shop but mostly just catching up on projects I've had my eye on for a while. I didn't quite finish everything I started but I think I bit off more than I could chew! Hopefully I will wrap up my last project (the one that took on epic proportions) this weekend.

First on the list was to make the kiddo some leggings! I've had several yards of knits sitting idly by, saw this pattern by Lil Blue Boo, and whipped up two pair of some reeeeeally easy pants. They turned out kinda low rise (error on my part) but totally wearable. The plaid pair are my favorite! I added rouching on the sides of the legs and think it looks really cute. These pants are perfect for. . .

digging in the dirt

torturing playing with the dog

and just being silly.

Quick tip: I wondered for the longest time what to do with the little thread chains left on seams that won't be finished otherwise when serging. I found this handy tip late one night on the internet and have absolutely no idea where! I'm not taking credit for this brilliance. Simply put, you take a scary long needle (I use a doll needle), thread it with the chain hanging off of your seam, and then pull the needle through seam you just sewed. I try to sandwich the needle between the seam allowances or at least under the serger stitches on one side, if that makes sense. Cut off what's leftover and you're finished. Nice and neat!

The project that didn't get finished up last night is this floor cushion by Living with Punks. I probably would've finished if I had stuck to my original plan of not using piping. I really wanted to but couldn't find any cute colors that went with the yellow striped canvas (Ikea!). I decided to just skip it but didn't want a boring looking cushion. I ended up making my own. By that I mean taking some ugly piping I bought on clearance and covering it with some cute pink polka dot fabric. Takes forever!!!!! Almost done with that. Then I can move forward. Fingers crossed. I'm thinking it will be pretty snazzy when finished.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. I'm wanting those pants. So comfy looking!

  2. Wow, good stuff! First, congrats on the How About Orange mention! :-)

    I really love the rouching on the leggings - makes them extra special! Can't wait to see your floor cushion! I haven't tackled piping yet, but I really want to. I always love how it looks!

  3. Great job on the mentions! love the leggings. I need to try some of those~ the rouching really make them cute.

  4. this is my first visit to your blog and it is so great! i feel so inspired! i HAVE to make these leggings for my niece. they are adorable ;)

  5. Very cute! I just bought 2 of her patterns but haven't tackled them yet, now I may have to get this one! What a shame! :) Congrats on the mentions, that's fantastic!!!

  6. Hello! The leggings are adorable. So is your model, and the 'lil daschund! :O)

    ~ ~

  7. I want an ottoman for Malia! But, I really have to be careful of what I make now, we are planning on downsizing big time! New house is going to be half this size.
    Love the color combo. Yea, I'm not ready to make piping, and bias tape still scares me.

  8. Love the leggings! I am always looking for leggings for my darling daughter to wear under skirts and dresses(her most favorite things to wear!)so her tushy isn't hanging out all the time!! I think I am going to use some of my knit t-shirts I never wear to make up some of these great leggings!!! Recycle & Reuse!! Thanks for the inspiration, love your Blog :o)

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  10. Hey! Noticed your serger tail tip, & thought I'd share a great book with you. My mom & I go every year to a sewing conference, & I purchased this book before I even got a serger! I have loved learning serger techniques through simple projects, & thought you might enjoy it, too! The name of the book is Ready, Set, Serge by Georgie Melot. Check it out!
    Happy Serging! Brooke