a bookcase for my bookworm

Remember my telling you about getting the chance to pick something from csnstores.com to review? Well. . . I picked out this little sling style book shelf for Syd's room. I've seen similar book shelves elsewhere but they were only available in pastel or primary colors and I wasn't too fond of either. I spotted this one here and had to have it. It was under $40 so definitely a bargain. I placed my order on a Monday and had a package sitting on the porch on Thursday! {very easy ordering process, btw} I put it together myself in about 30 minutes or so with the allen wrench provided. It's very lightweight and easy to move around if necessary. It feels pretty sturdy although if your kids are *really* rough it may not survive the long haul! Over all, I'm really pleased with this book shelf. My child has a crazy amount of books and I thought this was a cool way to store some of them in a place that was easy for her to reach, etc. Really hoping this inspires her to put away her books when she's through with them. I can dream, can't I??

I may need to make a cute floor cushion or bean bag chair to sit next to this. . .


  1. How cute! I need one of those for my classroom :). I love bookshelves that display the book covers!

  2. Yes, I vote for a floor cushion!

    The book sling is SO cute! I've been trying to figure out how to organize Lauren's books too. They're everywhere! :-)

  3. Oh, I've been looking at this for my girls too! My concern was that it might not hold all our books. Did you find that you had enough room? BTW "Yummy Yucky" is one of our FAVS!! :)

  4. Very cute bookshelf, and great price! A definate bargain.

    I have a sling bookholder that I have been wanting to make from a tutorial I found, and it is funny because I just blogged about it today on my "to do" list! If you want to check it out, my post is at:
    These woudl compliment your bookshelf nicely :-)

  5. what an adorable way to store books-I love that you can see the covers, or at least part of them. :D And-yes you should make a cute cushion! :D

  6. I love how she can see the book covers and that they are right at her eye level. A pillow cushion would be perfect!

  7. Your bookworm is too darn cute!