Another late night sewing project

{yellow stripes canvas - Ikea / pink dots - Joann's}

I saw this floor cushion on Living with Punks and just knew I had to make one. A floor cushion was on the to do list anyways so this was just perfect. I can't remember if I saw the tutorial first and bought the fabric for it or the other way around, but I'm super pleased with how this project turned out. I smile every time I look at it! Those yellow stripes are just plain happy. The pink polka dot piping was a last minute decision and added a second night of sewing but totally worth it! So, what are you waiting for? Go make one of these. They don't even necessarily have to be for kids. Amy over at Ponder and Stitch made a fabulous grown up version!

I didn't have a compass handy to create the circle template needed so I got a little DIY. I grabbed a pencil/pen/whatever, a pushpin, a teeny bit of cardboard (to push the pin into), and some ribbon in lieu of string. Kinda like this. I had a reeeeeally hard time getting a nice, even circle so I simplified things a bit. I grabbed a full piece of newspaper, folded it along the fold lines and drew only a quarter of a circle. When cut and unfolded, I ended up with a perfect circle!

In other news:

*I have a new tutorial in the works! It will be up in the next week or so.

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  1. Your stripes look AWESOME! I love the look of this cushion!


  2. Super cute floor cushion! The piping was TOTALLY worth it - looks awesome!

  3. The cushion is awesome! I love the yellow stripes; they really do look very happy, and the pink binding works great with it. Cute!

  4. Great job, Vanessa! Love the stripes.

  5. That is so cute! I love the strips.
    What child would not love that!

  6. haha this is so great. funny about one of the first photos is that we really do have exactly the same haba doll called nele! super tutorial! greatings from germany!!!!

  7. Vanessa i LOVE the floor cushion its just sooooo cute! I also love the face you incorporated the pink with the yellow strips so girls i am loving that colour combo!

    I am grabbing your button for my blog now :)

  8. I love this! I love all your photography too. I just read your "about" page and you arrived at being a stay at home mom the same way I did. My little stinker came 7 weeks early. It was completely unexpected. I was supposed to go back to work as well but I couldn't stand the idea of that teeny-tiny girl at daycare. Things worked out though and now she's a year old and I still haven't gone back! ;)

  9. Featured you today

    Thanks for posting, it looks great :)

  10. A very trendy looking floor cushion! Well done! Thanks for sharing the links

  11. Wow That is absolutely awesome .... It's such a pretty floor cushions.