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I mentioned before that I signed up to be in my first craft swap. I received my package last week from Georgia of Modern Crush and am going to show and tell you guys all about it! Also, I must thank Pattie for putting the swap together.

About Modern Crush (new skool favors and fancies):

{about Georgia}
My name is Georgia Woodson, and I have a real passion for decorations and crafts!I work as a graphic designer for a greeting card company, as well as working as a barista at Starbucks! I grew up as a fine artist (watercolor, oils, drawing. . .) and learned a bit about graphic design which got me where I am in my job today! It hasn't been until the last year that I really started getting into handmades, and collage. Honestly I felt like I was betraying my fine painting for a while, but now I have seemed to have settled for the art of collage.

{why the business?}
My business really started as a whim - and it all began with the crowns. In January I was asked to donate a piece to my former high school's annual art auction. I put together one of my paper crowns for the first time- totally taking a change that anyone would like it. Gratefully it was well received, and people started inquiring for more. To be honest it is really hard to find blocks of time to work on them - working two jobs eats almost all of the hours of my day. But my creations are too important! I am very excited about the possibilities of the future.

{what i would like to accomplish}
In the near future I would like to just simply be able to do more! There are so many ideas I have, and so much time that is required to make those happen. I currently use Etsy as me old shoppe, however I would like to eventually have a website that I can incorporate more of my own style into. My goals in the next 10 years? Honestly I would love to have something I made be featured in a magazine. Just this last week I delivered 3 crowns to a shop local to me for display - my first store! This was a very exciting milestone for me, and to be honest I am just so so thankful. Sometimes I think to myself - daaang, I can't believe someone actually wants to buy what I make! It's a crazy feeling, and again, I am very thankful.

{what i get out of it}
When I make things - whether it is art or crafts or whatever, I honestly feel like I am doing what I was made to do. I fell my best when I am creating something - like it is in my dna to create. It is such a satisfaction. Another thing I get is gratitude. The fact that someone wants to spend their hard earned money on what you made, it jsut makes me teary!

{oh favorites! - fav independent online shops}
Oh I have so many favorite shops onine. One of my absolute favorites is Bayberry Cove I love everyone's creations. One of my favorite artists that can be found there coincidentally is Jennifer Murphy. Such inspiration. . .

I almost forgot to take pictures of my package as I opened it but caught myself last minute. Georgia sent Sydney and I a very cool wand, a pretty card (I am a sucker for all things paper and stationary), and some of her amazing business cards. Since Sydney is still in her destructive phase (hopefully soon to pass), her wand has found a temporary shelter and display spot in her room. Thanks, Georgia!

If you are in need of some cool personalized party favors and the like, make sure to check out Georgia 's shop Modern Crush and her blog.

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