Patchwork Pretty

I am a self confessed fabric scrap junkie. I can hardly bring myself to throw away even the smallest pretty scrap of fabric. I am just sure that I can find a use for each and every piece. I mean, how traumatic is it while in the midst of a project you realize that such and such scrap would have been perfect, but alas, you tossed it out??? Up until the last few weeks, I really DIDN'T have any use for scraps. They just sat in a bag, overflowing actually, in the corner of my sewing room. Then I discovered patchwork! Fun stuff, ladies and gents. My first patchwork project was The Kidlet : Wall Pocket - Tidy Tote, a super cool freebie pattern and tutorial from Jennifer of JCasa. Smitten from then on, I've being working on what I call Petite Patchwork Pouches. (I now have labels/tags for my stuff!)

Here is a bit of Flickr Patchwork inspiration:

* Owl friends
*s i x patchwork pincushions.
*patchwork elephant

And some cool tutorials to try out:

Patchwork Tissue Cover
Fabric Basket
Baby Quilt
Square Pincushion


  1. Your wall bag is super cute!

    I keep all the scraps too--even the tiny ones. Sometimes I use this littlest bits for stuffing things. My scrap bags are overflowing too!

  2. The kidlet is so cute! It's now on my must make list. Gotta love using up scraps! Thanks for sharing my cushion, too!

  3. Thanks!

    Anna-you def have to make some Kidlets, so cute and really quick and easy.

  4. Sounds like you are ready to make that patchwork travel bag I told you about:)

  5. Ha! Lyann, I knew you would say that! ;)