A Wallet Make Over

It's been a random few weeks in my sewing world. I worked on a putting together a gift for a friend's little girl and just mailed it out. I'll post pictures just as soon as she gets it. I've also been doing some experimenting and unfortunately that is a process that takes time and doesn't always result in anything worth keeping! I haven't had anything new to add to the shop in several days for all of my experimenting. I also ordered new fabric and got it a few days ago which seemed to just add to the chaos. Too many ideas and options and too little time. Today I am going to work on getting organized so that I can really crank out some new stuff tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

One thing that DID turn out well was a wallet I made for myself. I have been asked one too many times if I made the purse I currently carry. Sadly, I have to reply no. It's a great purse, don't get me wrong, but people always get that confused look on their face "huh, she makes and sells purses but doesn't carry one of her own??". I just haven't felt like I could take the time up until now. Well, still really don't have the time but figured I really did need a new purse. And what good is a new purse without a new wallet? So, I got a cute new purse and wallet pattern, some fabric I love, and whipped up the wallet last night. Purse soon to follow. If you are looking for a great, easy to follow pattern that results in something useful and nice to look at, check out Jenna Lou's "A Girl's Best Friend Wallet".


  1. very cute! I know the feeling of never really making something for yourself, good job!

  2. Hi Vanessa! Sooooooooo cute! I loved it! I am planning soon to get into this journey of sewing wallets! Great work!

  3. Anna-Thanks! It was a fun project and I'm loving using this wallet. Not sure if I'll get to the purse anytime soon though. . . just got accepted into my first craft show! Will be doing a lot of sewing between now and march!

    Flavia-Good luck and happy sewing!

  4. we love your blog! you are on the Craftomania toolbar!

  5. very cute wallet! I love all the compartments and pen holder.. that is always so hard to find! :)