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I was invited to participate in this awesome handmade event and thought I'd share it with you - the more the merrier! In a nutshell, if you have both a blog and an online shop (etsy, artfire, 1000markets...any and all) you can sign up for the fun. You will be assigned a partner and will send them something from your shop. They will in turn send you something. You then write about your swap on your blog. I think it's a really cool idea! You get a nice surprise in the mail, learn about new handmade shops, and get free publicity for your own. Registration is open through September 30th. Check out Structured Chaos for all the details!

I think Syd and I will be braving the rather yucky weather today to hunt down some fabrics. Plaid and leather. Crossing my fingers. . .Have a great weekend!

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