Partner in Crime

Syd and I took a trip to a thrift store I haven't been to in years this Friday (Pell City, AL if anyone is wondering). It seems we weren't the only ones set on thrifty shopping! The place was packed. I didn't get a chance to scope out the whole place due to the crowds. We did manage to find lots more fabric but had no luck in the button department. I'm really loving the green and plan to make lots of stuff from it. If and when my bad luck streak ends. . . iron died, accidental slips of the scissors, faulty interfacing. Sigh. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Keep an eye out for the fabrics above to become cool new bags!


  1. oh fun.. i love thrift shopping... never know what cool treasure you might find! ;)

  2. Awww, looks like you got some great stuff there!

  3. I agree-thrift shopping is awesome! I am always amazed at just how much stuff I get for a couple of bucks. The only thing I could do without is the underwear bin. There is always someone digging through it. Yech. I like my panties brand spanking new. . .


Maira Gall