Snail Mail

I love getting mail of the not a bill variety. Magazines, free samples, etc are cool but letters (so rare) and crafty packages from my friend Lyann top the list. I also love sending packages. There is something exciting about wrapping something up knowing that it's going to be unwrapped with a bit of anticipation. I like to try to get creative in how I ready a package to be mailed. Today, I mailed a little box to my sister filled with a retro wallet, a few of my business cards (international advertising campaign, folks), and a cute owl card. Hopefully it will make it to Germany before she leaves again!


  1. Very cute, I'm sure your sister will love it.

  2. Wow! That is so cute! And such a great idea :)
    I know she is going to love it!!

  3. Thanks!I try to have fun with it. I love your stationary, Lyann. You always have the coolest cards.


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