Just a little FYI

While in high school and college, I hated index cards with a vengeance. Only because having them in my possession meant that I was having to write a research paper. I've recently developed a fonder relationship with index cards. . . they are almost as cool as Post-It notes. Hmmm, maybe even cooler. Every time I'd go on a fabric shopping trip or happened to end up in a craft store by chance, I'd find myself struggling to remember just what it was I needed to start/and or finish a project. These days trying to rely on my memory to get things done is a laughable undertaking. Alas, I have permanent Mommy Brain. So, I came up with what I think could be called a mini "Inspiration Board". I tape on bits o'fabric that need coordinating fabric, thread, zippers, buttons, etc. I jot down reminders of what I need for each particular fabric. Because otherwise I'd be staring at the index card wondering "huh?" I also use them to write down customers' info and then I can post those on my handy bulletin board. Now I just need a snazzy index card box. . .

I also find that having some background music is vital when I'm sewing at 11 pm. Since my computer is the only source of music in my little sweat shop and I don't want to fool with changing out cd's, I have discovered the world of internet radio. While I am a self-professed internet junkie, I think I'm kind of late getting on this bandwagon. In case you are too: check out Pandora and Songza. Pandora is nifty in that you enter the name of your favorite artist or song and it compiles a radio station chock full of songs by that artist or in the same style of said artist. They also have genre stations if you want to keep things simple. I have to admit that the only feature on Songza I have used is the Dance Party playlist. I mean, come on, who doesn't want to listen to Cameo-Word Up???

Before I go, I thought I'd mention a zipper tutorial that I found helpful in overcoming my zipper phobia! Try this one at Twelve22. Happy sewing!

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