Sewing Patterns on the CHEAP

If you have a Hobby Lobby near you and need/want sewing patterns, you can pick up any Simplicity patterns for a whopping 99 cents! This week anyways. I usually stick to patterns made by fellow crafters such as MadebyRae and Manimina for several reasons: I HATE tissue paper when trying to pin it to fabric and the instructions that come with mass market patterns are migraine inducing. But for 99 cents, what the heck?!?! Since I was going against the grain anyways, I decided to try out some patterns for myself. Picked up 2 snazzy patterns for moi (one for Syd as well) and have some fabric I think I'd actually wear. Oh, and if you're going to head to Hobby Lobby for some pattern bargain shopping, make sure to print out one of their coupons to use on a non-sale item!


  1. Really? Maybe they are only in the south. Sorry! Do you have Joann in Cali? I think they do that same sale from time to time.