Marathon Sewing and Shin Splints

Yep, I have apparently developed a shin splint in my right leg from spending a little too much time at the sewing machine. That or I have horrible posture when I sew. Who knows. . . what I do know is that it hurts! But, that isn't stopping this lady. I've got things to make. In the meantime, I'll share what I've managed to sew this week despite the pain! Lucky you, most of the pictures I will be posting were shot by my lovely friend, Misti Howell, of Life in Bloom Portraits. As soon as she gets her website up and running, I'll share the link for those you in the Anniston/Oxford, AL area.

Also, I took the plunge and ordered a serger in hopes of speeding up production. It arrived today and it's quite intimidating. We'll see how that goes. With the deal I got, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Check out if you're interested in a serger, fabric, sewing machine, etc. There are coupon codes available for the site, they offer free shipping (fast, too) with orders over $35, and best of all, you get 30 days to return an item at THEIR cost . . .no questions asked. How awesome is that? And no, they aren't paying me to say all this. I am just extremely pleased with their service and prices.

I think this coming up week will be dedicated to making new purses and zipper pouches. I hope to stock the shop up with lots of goodies. Hey, Christmas is just around the corner.

*All the dresses in the photos are for sale in the shop. Some are ready made and available in certain sizes, and others are available for custom orders.


  1. I can't believe that you got shin splints from sewing!!! That's too funny but so sorry it hurts! Thanks for the tip anbout, happy sewing.