willow & co back to school sewing contest. . .

The girls and I over at Willow & Co Patterns have been busy the last few weeks putting together a fun sewing contest / giveaway! There are some amazing prizes involved (over $2400 total!) so it's definitely worth checking out. We'll have four prize categories and winners - three based on your awesome sewing skills and one random drawing as well as a drawing for some cool Craftsy classes. Between now and September 1st, you'll be able to link up any back to school outfits you make (at least one item per outfit should be made with a Willow & Co Pattern) to our site to enter. Go here for more details and contest rules and here to meet our lovely judges. 

life in black + white | august. . .

I had these big plans of taking a photos of the kiddo playing amongst lots and lots of bubbles. Yeah, note to self. . . a third person would have been a huge help. It was probably pretty funny to watch me attempt to blow a bunch of bubbles and then try to back up far enough fast enough to take photos. The wind was not my friend! It kept blowing away the bubbles before I could get a shot. Anyways, it was a fun ten minutes (mosquitos ruined the party) and I got a few cute photos of my kiddo - love the one above where one solitary bubble hovering over her head!

For more black and white photography, head over to Pamela William's blog!

kcw | swingset tunic + clover shorts. . .

The weather has been plotting against me lately when it comes to photo shoots. And driving. It seems we end up with a thunderstorm pretty much every evening. You know, the kind that comes out of no where and threatens to wash everything away. Anyways, we got about ten rain free minutes last night at the park so I was able to grab a few photos to share. This top. . .I'm a little bit in love with it! 

kcw | swingset tunic. . .

My first finish for this round of Kid's Clothes Week is this Swingset Tunic - pattern by Oliver + S and fabric by Robert Kaufman! I'm working on a pair of shorts to go with it and hope to take photos of the outfit on the kiddo this evening. I'll share all the details in that post! 

winner, winner. . .

I'm going to spend this week working on Kid's Clothes Week stuff and am really looking forward to it! Anyone sewing along? Are you a prepper or do you just wing it? I think I'm somewhere in between. I've printed and cut out a couple of patterns so far and have a few specific things planned but still have some ideas swirling around in my head. Can't wait to see what everyone is sewing up for the week!

I'm also working on finishing up a blog re-design / makeover. It's been like a year in the making which is kind of absurd but that's what happens when you have to Google your way through html and css. I've learned a lot though so there is that. Things might start looking a little crazy here during the final stages of this pet project of mine but hopefully not for long!

Last but not least, the winner for the Michelle Patterns giveaway is comment #11 - Penny D! Congrats, Penny! Thank you to everyone that entered.

p.s. a blog post with no photo is kind of boring so I included an "outtake" photo from my card wallet shoot.  It's kind of random but I love how the reflection ended up in focus while everything else is blurred. I never gave much thought to photographing reflective surfaces (not much of a selfie taker here) but may have to experiment more. 

michelle patterns | $10 shop credit giveaway. . . (closed)

I have a fun giveaway for you today! Some of the very first pdf sewing patterns I came across and used when I first started sewing several years ago were Michelle Patterns. I'm pretty sure that's when my love of sewing bags started. These patterns are so well written and easy to follow and I always love the finished product. You can check out other projects I've made with these patterns here.

pattern workshop | review + flash sale

*this post contains affiliate links
I've released two patterns this year, the Aster Cardigan (my first clothing pattern!) and the Senna Tote. I was able to create these patterns with lots and lots of help from my friend Lauren's Pattern Workshop. I learned so much through this workshop and more importantly, was able to do it at my own pace. The way the workshop is organized, you can go through the material in whatever order you choose which was really helpful to me as I was learning while working on the patterns I mentioned. Previously, I used Photoshop to digitize my pattern pieces and Pages to put together the tutorial. It worked but took forever and was not a straightforward process. Don't get me wrong. . . I love Photoshop. I use it pretty much every day for photo editing and graphic design type stuff. It's just not meant for pattern drafting or digitizing. Enter Lauren's class - I now know my way around Illustrator and InDesign! I did use those programs (Illustrator and Pagemaker as it was called in the 90's) back in college but I pretty much had to start over. 
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