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Friday, August 28, 2015

He's here! Well, actually he's been here for almost 6 weeks and I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. Oops. I've done better about keeping up with things on IG though so there's that. So, his name is Liam and he's sweet and feisty and in a hurry to grow. I love him to bits which is a good thing because this whole newborn sleep deprivation thing is ROUGH. I know it won't last forever though so I just try to keep that in mind.

Birth story. . . it's pretty short actually and not at all what I had planned. Isn't that how it usually goes? I wanted an unmedicated VBAC and was lucky enough to find a doctor that is very supportive of that sort of birth. More than supportive really. Things were going well enough with my pregnancy but I was going in for weekly non-stress tests from 32 weeks on. I went in to the hospital for one of those tests on Monday, July 20th figuring I'd be there for 30-40 minutes and then I'd be on my way. I had Syd with me, my purse, and cell phone. Within minutes of getting hooked up to the monitors, the baby's heart rate started dropping. And that kept happening whether I was having a contraction or not (Braxton Hicks I assume because I was most definitely not in labor). So, it was another emergency c-section for me. Pretty much the exact same thing happened when I was pregnant with my daughter except that she was born at 33 weeks while Liam was born at 37. He was born around 8 that night weighing 6 lbs even and was 19 inches long. I managed to get us out of the hospital by Wednesday afternoon because I was SO ready to go home. It's been an adventure ever since!

In other news, I'm having a sale in the shop to celebrate "bringing home" my latest sewing pattern, the London Backpack. It was originally part of a collection for Willow & Co. To save 40% off your total purchase, enter code 'backtoschool40' at check out. Sale ends this Sunday, August 30, 2015 at 11:59 pm CST. I'm hoping to slowly get back into the blogging/sewing/pattern designing swing of things in the coming months because I'm going through sewing withdrawals! I have a pile of projects ready to be made but just need to find the time to make them.

p.s. the quilt in the last photo was made by Anna of Noodlehead - isn't it awesome??
p.p.s the sweet necklace Syd is wearing is from Madre Beads - absolutely love her stuff!

Jo-Ann + Kollabora | Insta-Cation Magnets

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I'm in the throes of nesting (only about 4 more weeks to go until my due date!) and haven't done any crafty projects in what feels like forever. Unless you count hemming curtains as being crafty. I do not. Anyways, this simple photo magnet project by Kollabora and Jo-Ann was easy and quick enough that I was able to get it done between cleaning projects. I really love the result! I am terrible about not getting photos printed and at least now I have a few of my favorite images up on the fridge. The kiddo loves them as well. They're kind of addicting and I want to make more. I just went through my IG feed and picked out some images that stood out to me and went with those. 

You'll find the step by step tutorial and supplies needed here and there is also a video below you can watch. I made a photoshop template with clipping masks to insert my photos into for printing and cutting - feel free to use it if you like. Download it here

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The London Backpack

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I finally finished up another sewing pattern! This backpack has been in the works since last year so it's a huge relief to finally have it out in the world. It's part of the newest Willow & Co Patterns collection and you can find it here. The London Backpack is a medium sized bag - not too big and not too small. It works well for both kids and adults. It features two zipper pockets - one larger outer pocket and a smaller inner pocket. It also has adjustable straps and closes securely with a drawstring and magnetic snap. There are about a million ways you could personalize this and have it work for you!

color me fabric tour | tiny box zippy

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

My super talented friend Hayley of Welcome to the Mouse House has recently released her first fabric line, Color Me Fabric; in collaboration with Michael Miller. She designed this fabric  specifically to be colored on!  Basically it's the perfect kid project fabric. There are four prints in the collection and you can see more details on those here. I let the kiddo choose which print she liked best and she chose 'Space Adventures'. The hard part was deciding what to make with the fabric!

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