Color Block Maeve Pouch


I tend to gravitate towards print fabrics but there is something to be said about the simplicity of solids. I have been meaning to make a color blocked version of the Maeve Pouch since I was writing up the pattern and finally got around to it. The hardest part of this particular project was picking out what colors to use! After an absurd amount of overthinking and ordering new fabric, I ended up using some fabrics I had sitting around. Now I can't stop thinking about other color combinations that would make for really cool pouches. 

Other than piecing together the exterior front and back of the pouch, the assembly process is exactly the same as a regular Maeve Pouch. I opted not to do any topstitching where the two colors are pieced together since I wanted it to look more like a solid piece of fabric. 

Fabric Notes:

Top Color: Tangerine | Michael Miller Cotton  Couture
Bottom Color: Terra Cotta | Robert Kaufman Kona  

If you don't already have the Maeve Pouch pattern, you can purchase a copy here.

How to Color Block the pouch exterior front and back:

1 - Divide the Pouch Exterior pattern piece into two pieces - upper and lower. For the pouch I made (size small), I measured down 4 3/8" from the top edge and drew a line across the pattern piece. Cut the pattern piece apart along the line. 

2 - Use the two pieces to cut fusible interfacing and set those aside (2 upper and 2 lower). 

3 - Add a 1/4" seam allowance to the bottom of the upper section of the pattern piece and to the top of the lower section

4 - Cut 2 top pieces from one fabric and 2 bottom pieces from another.

5 -  Fuse interfacing to the wrong side of all 4 pieces. Align the interfacing to the top edges of the upper pieces and the bottom edges of the lower pieces to avoid adding bulk to the seam created when sewing the pieces together.

6 -  Sew the upper and lower sections together for both the front and back of the pouch and press open the seam allowances carefully. 

* Fuse fusible fleece to the wrong side of both assembled exterior pieces and continue following the pattern tutorial to finish assembling your pouch. 

Need a visual?? Click here!

What colors would you choose?

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