A Quick Pattern Review- Heidi and Finn Chic Cocktail Swing Coat

I actually made this coat a few weeks back as a gift for a friend of a friend. I made a few modifications but overall, I think this is one awesome pattern-simple and versatile. And it's only $5.95!! Although this was probably the most structured piece of clothing I've sewn, it was really easy! The hardest part for me was the buttonholes. I seriously stress over putting holes in something I've pretty much completed. The pattern is originally designed for one large buttonhole with a pull through tie closure but I decided to go with buttons instead. I think the tie closure is super cute but I wasn't sure how practical it would be to tie and untie on a squirmy toddler.

  • I used corduroy for the outer coat and flannel for the lining. 
  • I added some fusible interfacing to the collar to give it more structure
  • I used a slightly larger seam allowance as the pattern runs large
  • I used 2 layers of tear away stabilizer for the buttonholes since I didn't plan ahead for those
  • As much as I love plaid, trying to line everything up was tough! Solid fabric next time. Maybe.

You can find the pattern here!


  1. Great job! Yea, I'm more squeamish with button holes than I am with zippers. But you did a great job!

    Love the fabric :)

  2. So adorable! Your clothing-sewing-skills rock! Oh, and you'll have to get Syd to model for us . . . when she's in the mood ;-) (I know how that goes!)

  3. I have been eyeing up several of their patterns, glad to know they are well made. Love the coat, and the plaid stays- it ups the cute factor substantially :-)

  4. Nice Vanessa. I have been wanting to try one of her patterns. That corduroy looks wool! The buttons and wide neckline are pretty. I am afraid of button holes too!

  5. I have one of these cut out and just need to sew it up! I am in love with the giant buttons-so much easier than the ties! I will have to get me some!

  6. Very cute! Where did you find the plaid corduroy? I love it!

  7. holy cow this is the cutest coat ever!!! The plaid is just perfect for this. I'm in love!! I had been eyeing this pattern and like it with the tie but this is even better!!! Thank you for inspiring:)

  8. This little coat is so darling! Buttonholes are really intimidating- the possibility of ruining a project when it's finally come together always frightens me. Anyways, this is seriously cute, like Mary Tyler Moore toddler wear.

  9. Hello There! Love this coat, been thinking about making something similar for a while so will definitely give the pattern a look!

    Your blog is wonderful too by the way, stumbled upon it today xMarie