Stormy Skies

When I woke up this morning  to take the little pooper to her daycare, it was so dark out I thought maybe I set the alarm to go off too early. I pulled back the curtains and took a look outside to find one heck of storm blowing by. The Weather Channel app on my phone informed me we were under a tornado watch. So, I went back to bed! Does it make me a crazy, overprotective mom that there was no way I was taking my kid out in that mess?

The storms actually started yesterday afternoon but not before we had a chance to take a quick trip to the park. It was actually perfect weather for swinging, sliding, pinecone gathering, and photo taking (yup, still trying out that manual setting).

We'll be hanging out at home today. . . maybe spend a little time coloring at Syd's new table and chairs. Remember my mentioning that I was doing another review for CSNstores? I picked out something from their All Modern store that I thought was pretty cool for the kiddos. The nifty table and chair set is by P'Kolino and you can find it here. It's not your run of the mill table and chairs set. What I find so cool is that the table top is removable and reversible. There is a plain white side and also a chalk board side! Lift up the table top and you've got a spot to stash crayons, pencils, coloring books, puzzles, and more. Also, since the 'chairs' are actually little stools, they slide right under the table when not in use. Great for kids with teeny bedrooms. Or with moms who put way too much stuff in their rooms! The set was super easy to put together (I did it during a single episode of Olivia) and feels pretty sturdy. As before, the ordering process was quick and easy and shipping was fast! There was only one 'negative'- when I unpacked the table/chair parts there was a very strong paint smell. I just stuck everything outside over night to air out.

I do plan to sew again (in case you're wondering). My last few attempts failed miserably so nothing new to share :( You'd think sewing in a zipper would be like riding a bicycle. At least I think I've finally picked out fabrics for the clutch I'll be working on to create that pattern I talked about. Oh, and many thanks to everyone who voted! Very sweet of you :) I should also have a pattern review to share with you in the next week or two. The final product was a gift so I have to make sure it's gotten to its recipient before I post pictures. Just in case. . .

One last thing. . . I donated another camera strap cover for this giveaway/fundrasier. There are actually 3 prize bundles up for grabs with lots of cool handmade items. Each $5 donation will get you an entry. If you have a minute, go check it out!


  1. Don't you hate it when new project doesn't turn out right? So aggravating!
    Love the pictures of park time! Such a cute little girl!
    Loved you clutch! Love the gray color for this year!

  2. Girl, those pictures are AMAZING! What did you have the settings set to? I really need to work on my manual settings too. Nice job!

  3. Your manual setting photos are fabulous!
    And no you aren't an overprotective mama. I would of done the same thing. Enjoy some time with your little one.

  4. Dang these photos are great. This series would make a great set framed on your wall. I am so afraid of my manual settings! Looking forward to seeing what you may feel like sewing next!

  5. Oh my goodness, the picture of Sydney on the swing is AMAZING! I really need to embrace the manual mode thing . . . I've been lazy!

  6. The coat was received and I hear they love it! (So post away with the pictures.) I was also promised some pictures of her wearing it :) I think that table and chair set is awesome. Great pictures of sydney. Maybe I should bring Oscar out there for a playdate and let you photograph him!

  7. Of course you are not over protective!! I would have done the same thing! :) Your pictures are awesome!!! Thanks for the button love! ;)

  8. great, great pics, she looks so adorable. eww, tornados sound like no fun!

  9. It was stormy here too, but your pictures are just lovely!
    Kristina J.

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    Girl's throb feeling is wonderful.
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