Sewing and Chocolate. . . does it get any better?

Last year sometime my friend Lyann sent me a box of the most delicious candy I've ever had. She likes to call it 'Crack' and I think it is a very appropriate name. The stuff is wildly addictive. I inhaled the entire box full in a few days and had big plans to make some myself. Well, I lost the recipe and forgot about it. Luckily, the last time I went grocery shopping I saw matzoh on sale and remembered ALL about it. So, I googled the recipe on my phone, grabbed up the rest of the ingredients, and made some yesterday. It turned out perfectly! This stuff is the perfect blend of sweet, salty, chocolate, and crunchiness. Quick and easy - try this recipe!

I also stayed up late last night finished my first mini rag quilt. I lucked up and found all the episodes of Buffy on Netflix so I watched, sewed, and cut fringe. That's probably the trickiest part of rag quilting-cutting the fringe without cutting into the seams. I discovered a few spots after washing the quilt where I had cut through the stitching and had to a bit of repair. Other than that, it turned out well. I may splurge on on rag quilting snips before I make anymore.


  1. Nice fabric choices for the rag quilt! Very cool.

  2. The quilt turned out so pretty! You are amazing! I can't believe you finished it that fast!

  3. That is so cute!! yes, get that snip cutter as it is really much easier to clip with those.
    Will give that recipe a try too, looks so good!
    I also started the pencil pouch tonight and my sewing machine froze up on me and now I have to wait till it's fixed!! I so hate

  4. Looks like your crack turned out wonderfully! Funny thing-I sent you some more, along with thin chocolate chip cookies.

    That rag quilt looks so cute! Love the fabric combo. I never tried sewing and watch TV. I do cut my pattern while watching TV. Takes forever!

    Last night I started my first quilt. It is Malia's Christmas present. Hope it turns out OK.

  5. I can't wait for the crack to get here! I'm sure what I made will be long gone by then.

    I watch shows and movies on and Netflix on my desktop while I sew. I'm sure I could increase productivity ten fold if I didn't watch stuff but it keeps me company in my little sweat shop!