colors: cobalt, lime, and orange

I've got some nifty white shelves on either side of my kitchen sink. I love these shelves as they make it super easy to add some color to the room without any major effort. I've collected the items on these shelves over the years. Some things belonged to my grandmother, some are items my sister found while thrift store shopping, and others come from one of my favorite stores in the whole wide world- Ikea. While I'm fairly certain most everyone out there has heard about or been to an Ikea, I linked it anyways because you never know. And I would hate to keep someone in the dark about that place. I'm really loving these colors together and want to use them in a sewing project sometime soon. Curtains for my kitchen windows, maybe?


  1. We just went to Ikea in Orlando today and had a blast! Love, love, love that place!

  2. If they would let me move into one of those display apartments at Ikea, I would!


Maira Gall