Room With a View

I live in a quirky, older home that was remodeled before we bought it. What was once an open porch is now my laundry room and sewing room. My sewing room is adjacent to my daughter's and the rooms share a window! I thought it a bit strange and inconvenient at first but it's grown on me. On the odd day that my husband is home and I can sew while Syd is awake and running amok, I open the curtains and enjoy the view. I find the colors in her space inspiring and cheerful. Is there something in your sewing/crafting space that you draw inspiration from?

After sewing up a bunch of bags to take to Artini, I am now back to stocking up the online shop. I am toying with the idea of opening a store on Etsy just for the bags. We'll see. . .


  1. Your daughter's room looks very cute and inspiring from what I can see of it! Those enclosed porches are great--what a nice place to sew.

    My machine sits in front of a window overlooking a courtyard. It has half curtains that I usually leave closed for privacy and then I open my blinds and all I can see is the sky and tree tops. It is a very nice view on most days and a little piece of the natural world for me to view here in the city.

  2. Sounds like a nice view. I can't imagine having my machine face a wall! My backyard (which I can see while I cut fabric) is host to a wide variety of woodland creatures. I often have little birds sit on the window sill and peek through the window!