I always start out a sewing project (or string of projects) by cleaning and organizing my sewing space. I am a neat freak and like everything just so. Somehow, by the time said project is finished, my room tends to look like this:

Yikes! I can't seem to manage to STAY organized while sewing. I lose my seam ripper every 5 minutes because it keeps rolling under the sewing machine or off of the table entirely. Someone needs to fashion a wearable seam ripper! I suppose one with a flat handle would work too. Not as much fun though. I lose my hand sewing needles often as well. Not such a good thing considering my sewing room is carpeted and I don't wear shoes in the house. To keep things interesting, I never organize things the same way. I always have to take into account my growing pile of scraps. When is a scrap of fabric or interfacing too small to be usable? Anyways, this week's cause of my unsightly mess are a few bags, a wristlet, and some awesome mini wallets. These have all gone to Artini in Anniston in hopes of selling them. I am somewhat neglecting the online shop for the time being, but hope to remedy that soon!


  1. I am so with you about making a mess while sewing. And I sew well into the night, I am too tired to pick up before going to bed!

    BTW! You are such bad influence! I just bought 3 patterns from Which came from that website

    I bought a tunic for Malia
    children Unddies to make as gifts
    and a petticoat skirt for Malia's birthday party.

  2. OH, forgot to mention-Love the wallet. I want one but am afraid it would get dirty too quickly.

  3. I try to do a clean up once a week or so. I think that it keeps things from getting too crazy but not so often that it's pointless!

    Sorry about being a bad influence. Hey, you'll save money making gifts yourself though, right??!?! That's always a plus. And so much fun.

    Can't believe Malia's birthday is coming up! What kind of party is she having this year?

    I'll let you know the results of my wallet washing experiment soon also!

  4. I love that wallet, too! Did you make up the pattern or find it somewhere? The fabric is gorgeous!

    I also make a huge mess when sewing with strings all over the place and all over me. It eventually all gets cleaned up but my sewing area is pretty messy most of the time.

  5. Thanks! The pattern is by Keyka Lou:

    She also has an etsy store that may have more patterns.

    My entire house is covered in thread! One of the many bad points of having carpet. Can't just sweep it up. Sigh.

  6. Hi just a couple of tips.

    A magnet on the side of your machine is great for pins as you pull them out

    A big glob of blu-tack will keep track of that seam ripper