Party Time!

Syd went to a birthday party this weekend and so I HAD to make her something to wear. Since it was a princess themed party, I originally entertained the idea of making her some sort of frou frou, tulle laden, full on princess dress but I nixed that idea. At the last minute (as in late the night before the party) I decided to just wing it. I combined aspects of a few different dresses I liked, sketched it out, and then hoped something wearable would come out it. Syd was already in bed so I used one of her dresses as a size guide. Lo and behold, the thing fit! Granted, the inside of the dress is a little rough around the edges since I didn't have a pattern or instructions to guide me but I was fairly pleased with the outcome.


  1. Wow! You are amazing! I love the detail of the front. It looks so modern. I'm glad you didn't go for the tulle.

  2. Thanks! It was pretty fun to make. The ruffle detail idea came from a dress on etsy. I managed to get the pattern for it the day after the party. It's for a long sleeve dress and I think it will be perfect for fall/winter.