I'm all atwitter!

In more ways than one! I did join Twitter but to be perfectly honest. . . I don't get it. If any of you Twitter or Tweet and can explain the finer points to me; be my guest! Moving on. . .

In trying to research local craft shows, I came in contact with a cool chick who owns an art studio/shop in Anniston. She is now carrying my bags in her store!! I'm really excited about this new development. I took a few bags there today and hope to get lots more made in the coming days. I also need to come up with some cute display ideas. I believe a trip to Hobby Lobby is in order. Wish I could say I was going to some awesome independent fabric store, but my options are limited in this area. My bag making marathon will continue into next week until I have enough to fill up my display area in the store.

If you are in the Anniston area and would like to check this place out, here's the info:

1111 Noble Street
Anniston, AL 36201

Heather, the owner, offers painting classes for both adults and kids along with other arts and crafts related events. She has art from local artists available for purchase in her studio as well. So, if you need an evening out (you can bring your favorite beverage with you!), grab some friends and go paint something!

*For more info on the items in the photo mosaic, visit my Flickr photostream.


  1. I thought you might be interested in this:

    and one day we NEED to go to this together:


  2. Thanks for that Flickr link! I was actually trying to search for that yesterday. . . did find a few neat ideas.

    I've been to Portland. . .awesome place. I would love to try to go there. San Diego first though!