Printable Weekly Planner Sheet for Mini Binders

I have a new printable freebie to share with you! I am terrible at planning BUT love calendars and planners and won't ever stop trying to find something that works for me. I designed this weekly planner printable specifically to fit inside a mini 3 ring binder I bought at Target a while ago. I wanted something I could keep in the car to help keep track of errands, shopping lists, etc. These are set up to print two to a page (8.5" x 11" paper but could work on A4 with some trimming). Simply print, cut the page in half along the dotted line, and punch holes along the left side. The planner sheets should fit most mini binders and A5 planners. When printing, make sure your printer is set to 'actual size' and 'auto portrait / landscape'.


To complete my new organizer, I also made a new zipper pouch to fit inside using some large white grommets I found at Hobby Lobby. If you've made a zipper pouch before, you can easily make something similar! I used a sheet of mini binder paper to determine the finished dimensions (5.5" W x 8.5" H) of the pouch and added seam allowance to all four sides to create a pattern piece. I used the holes in the paper as a placement guide for the grommets. To make sure the pouch would fit well between the ends bits of the metal binder, I curved the bottom corners. I also added a piece of thick stabilizer to the bottom of the pouch to reinforce the grommets and added a line of stitching to keep it in place and to create the pouch compartment. The adorable fabric I used is by Dylan M. and the colors are SO good. Something bright and happy to look at whenever I opened the binder was a requirement for this project and this fabric definitely fits the bill. In hindsight, I kind of wish I had oriented the fabric differently when sewing the pouch so that the characters were upright but it's all good. 


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