color me fabric tour | tiny box zippy

My super talented friend Hayley of Welcome to the Mouse House has recently released her first fabric line, Color Me Fabric; in collaboration with Michael Miller. She designed this fabric  specifically to be colored on!  Basically it's the perfect kid project fabric. There are four prints in the collection and you can see more details on those here. I let the kiddo choose which print she liked best and she chose 'Space Adventures'. The hard part was deciding what to make with the fabric!

I ended up deciding on making a Tiny Box Zippy (pattern by michael ann made). It's just so tiny and cute and figured it would be useful. My daughter is obsessed with all things paper, pencil, crayon, etc as well as containers to put her stuff in so this was perfect. I cut out the pattern pieces from the fabric and then let her color them however she wanted. I had some Sharpie Stained fabric markers on hand so we just used those. I did not prewash the fabric and had no issue with bleeding when ironing with steam. The fabric is a really great weight and could be used for just about anything - clothes, bedding, accessories, toys, etc.

The only changes I made when making the zippy pouch was to add a layer of interlining to the outer fabric (used some unbleached denim I had on hand) and I trimmed the inner seam allowance a good bit so I could use a narrow binding. Overall it was a challenging sew - mostly because of the interlining and the small size - but I really do love how it turned out! And I especially love that this project was something the kiddo and I did together.

Make sure to stop by the rest of the tour for more ideas!