willow and co glamping tour | noodle head + sanae ishida

We've been 'glamping' over at the Willow & Co blog and have invited some really awesome bloggers to be part of the fun. I invited two inspiring bloggers to be my tour guests - Anna of Noodlehead + Sanae Ishida and they've shared their Willow & Co creations today! I've posted a sneak peek below but you'll have to click over to their blogs to see all the fun details. 

I discovered Anna’s blog several years ago – I left a comment or asked a question and we’ve been friends ever since. We even got to meet/hangout/room together at Sewing Summit 2012! I love Anna’s style and am continuously blown away by her accomplishments. Basically, I want to be her when I grow up! Today, she’s sharing her take on the Aster Cardigan (which happens to be my first clothing pattern - kind of excited about that!) – make sure to stop by her blog and check it out (p.s. you don’t want to miss her tutorials!)

Sanae is another blogger I really admire. Not only is she a prolific (and super creative) seamstress, she also creates the prettiest watercolor illustrations like these and these. I find her writing style to be incredibly witty and refreshing. Her blog is a must follow! For the Glamping Tour, she made a Robin Hood inspired Fawn Lily Dress with suede piping - brilliant! For more details and photos, be sure to stop by her blog.


  1. I agree - two wonderful blogs and sewists! I love both outfits - and am so excited you made the Aster cardigan available to us!

    1. they both made such cool stuff! and it is SO fun to see the cardigan pattern out in the wild :)

  2. Thanks for having me Vanessa! ha, you definitely don't want to be me when you grow up, eeek!