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Our new pattern shop is open!! This endeavor has pretty much taken over my life the last several months and I'm just so excited that we're finally getting to share our 'baby' with you. Head over and take a look around! I've included our inspirational lookbook below (it may take it just a second to load -worth the wait though!)


  1. I'm very excited about all the patterns you ladies worked so hard over! What a fun adventure for you all, and I'm sure it's wonderful to see the website live. I already purchased your Aster cardigan, as I fell in love with it way back when you sewed your first version for Sydney. So glad you made it available to us:)

    1. thank you so much for your kind words and support, lucinda! it has definitely been an adventure!

  2. Yay!! The cardigan is a pattern!! I loved that cardigan sooo much on PR&P (that's where you made the mustard colored one, right?). Love it!


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