kid's clothes week | slouchy cardigan + voila blouse

Finally!! I have something to show for this round of Kid's Clothes Week. I did have a game plan going in but did some last minute mind changing and stuff. I ran into some tricky sewing so this outfit took longer than expected. Still hoping to finish up a second outfit by tomorrow! How is your KCW sewing coming along? I've managed to sew at least an hour (if not several) every day this week but Thursday. What I like most about Kid's Clothes Week, aside from seeing all the awesome stuff being made out there; is that I find myself really motivated to stick with it and finish things. Good stuff.

So, I made a Voila Blouse (pattern by califaye collection) using some voile I had stashed away. The finished top is really pretty and I hope to make another using the fabric I had originally planned to use but those sleeves were tough. And stress inducing. Not sure if that was because of the fabric or just the nature of the design but I found them really challenging to sew and they're a teensy bit wonky. I would suggest hand basting the sleeves in place before sewing them on and also to use a fabric which you can easily distinguish between right and wrongs sides. 

I also made a Slouchy Cardigan (pattern by heidi & finn) using a super soft sweater knit I recently ordered. The cardigan is a really quick sew - I used my serger for the most part but a sewing machine will work too. The only change I made was to shorten the cuffs a bit. I'd say the cuffs were the only part of this pattern that took a bit of extra attention. The upper portion of the sleeve is pretty wide and the cuffs are narrow so sewing them together took some effort. Totally worth it though. 

blouse |  pattern: voila blouse | califaye collection + fabric:  coloring garden voile | anna maria horner
cardigan | pattern: slouchy cardigan | heidi & finn +  fabric: jacquard sweater knit |
boots | old navy
skinny jeans | h&m


  1. They both turned out adorable! I love these fabrics together as well. You can't tell the sleeves are wonky... I sewed everyday as well but my good camera broke so I'm just enjoying seeing my kids wear the clothes instead of sharing adorable pics!

  2. Girl I love the cardi!!!!!! Might be making that soon - you little inspiration devil, you!

  3. love these two pieces together! Thanks for the tips on sewing the slouchy cardigan . . . it's always nice to hear from those who have experienced the trials and tribulations of a pattern as to what to look out for. I love the finished product!And the blouse will be perfect with a cardi in the winter and on its own in the spring - looks lovely on your daughter!

  4. Quality not quantity right?! These are both so cute and special and look great together. I always love your fabric/color choices.

  5. I've made a few things from the CaliFaye collection and I have to say that I love it! I went ahead and bought this pattern too. You've done a fantastic job with it! I love your fabric choices too :)

    Sophie xo

    1. P.S I've just bought your fold over clutch pattern! It'll be great for Christmas presents!

  6. It turned out so pretty. I had that kind of frustration with the sally dress which everyone else breezed through! I have made a blouse with that same voile and it is tricky!

  7. Love both pieces, so cute. Beautiful pictures too!

  8. great outfit - I love your fabric choices. They're beautiful and refined as always!

  9. i have to say that little girl is stylin! she looks beautiful in those clothes...well let's face it, she just looks adorable. great job on kid's sewing week. i did it one year and loved it but i have been too busy in the past couple of years to participate again.