the weekend...

We spent Saturday at the Noble Street Festival and watched bike races, ate popcorn and burgers, took in the sights, and let the kiddo enjoy the rides. I've lived in the area for years but this was my first time going and definitely plan to go again next year. Hopefully we'll be able to watch more of the races next time...the kiddo got a little upset when she couldn't ride along with the racers so we headed home a bit sooner than planned. Guess it was just too much excitement for one day! Now that the weekend is over, I'm hoping to get a few things sewn for Kids Clothing Week...who else is sewing?


  1. Love, S shoes! Is the Kids Clothing Week a contest? If not Im in!

  2. super great shots. your photography is fantastic (as usual) I love kids clothes week! but bite off more than I can chew with a trench coat (made up the pattern myself was the problem.) and got distracted and cranked up the iron too high and scorched a patch on the front (sobbing for hours ensued) so hopefully I do something easier today (and with a pattern to save my sanity)