sewing summit - 2012

So....big news! I'm going to Utah this October!! I got an email a few weeks back from the organizers of the Sewing Summit and they asked if I wanted to come teach a photography class. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I said yes. I can't wait for this awesome weekend to get here and hope to see lots of you there. Early registration starts in early March so keep an eye out for that.

Along with the excitement of the Sewing Summit, I also decided to finally get started on re-decorating my daughter's room and the living room. Not much else is getting done at the moment because of that. It's going to be a lot of work but I think the end result will be worth it. The logistics alone of getting furniture from Ikea-Atlanta to my house which is 2 hours away are slowly driving me insane. Or maybe that's the paint fumes.... 

app - shakeitphoto

row 1 and 2 - been spending a lot of time at whole foods lately. The tuesday night pizza special {super large 3 topping for $10.99!} is awesome as is the tzatziki I found. You won't win any fresh breathe awards but it is so, so good with tortilla chips.

 row 3 - I did the crafty mom walk of shame when I left Target with those Toy Story Valentines. I had big plans that just never panned out. There's always next year, right? / I bought a new gadget for my camera! I've been wanting a wireless shutter release for ages and finally found one compatible with my Canon Rebel XS. Now, I had my doubts when I received the package in the mail, but so far so good! 

row 4 - I am not a fan of painting but those green walls had to go. My house has these weird textured walls and they take forever to paint. Boo. I bought Olympic brand low-voc paint...yeah, it still smells really bad and gives me a headache. Big thumbs down. I will opt for a different brand should I ever paint another room. 

row 5 - I'm on book 2 of the Game of Thrones series by George R. R. Martin. Good stuff...anyone else reading these? / The kiddo just started Therapeutic Listening. It requires those really huge headphones in the photo and I think she looks like a little DJ when she wears them :)


  1. So exciting! I will be there, in the front row of your class! I really need to learn to take better pictures....

  2. Game of Thrones series are perfect! I love these serie so much. Have fun:)

  3. I'm SO hoping to be there cheering you on!!! So exciting! :)

  4. gosh, you know, I just might have to go. I suck at committing, but maybe I can change. :) I love the crafty mom walk of shame! so funny. I did the same thing, it was a relief to just buy valentines and have it over with. Can't wait to see more of your living room and syd's room!

  5. That is such exciting news! I am really hoping that I can come to that and I would definitely take your class. Congratulations!

  6. Here's my 2 cents...(I am not an employee or have stock in the company!) My sister told me to use Behr paint when I decided to paint my living room - she told me it "was the best." I was going a pretty dark chocolate brown and was worried about it covering. I ended up with Behr paint that has the primer already in it. The paint worked wonderfully - spread well and covered well, too. I did do 2 coats but I've always thought it was better to do 2 lighter coats than one heavy coat.

  7. wow amazing news! Congratulations!! Would absolutely LOVE to go to sewing summit! shame it's just a few thousand miles to far away! :) xo