sms giveaway day winner

Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by to enter my SMS Giveaway Day giveaway. And thank you for all the awesome book and movie suggestions! Looks like I definitely need to re-read Pride and Prejudice. Pretty sure that book was mentioned most. Ok, now on to the good stuff. . . 

I'll be email you shortly, Kelly. Congrats! Hope you enjoy the cowl and bag. Many of you mentioned interest in a tutorial for the clutch. . . I'll see what I can do about that in the next month or two. Also, just in case anyone was curious and didn't see the link in the giveaway post: I used a pattern by Artsy Crochet called "Leah Infinity Scarf" to crochet the cowl.


  1. eeeeep!!!!!!!! I can't believe I won this one! I love that cowl soooooo much! Don't get me started on the clutch--super fab! Yay!


Maira Gall