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I feel like I've been neglecting the ol' blog lately, but for good reason! I've made some progress in getting this pattern ready and hope to finish up most of it this weekend. I've also started a part-time job which is taking me some time to get used to. The job totally fell into my lap and since it was unexpected, I went into panic mode after accepting it when I realized I'd be giving up my two main sewing days (child free days) to do the job. I think it will all work out in the end, so bear with me for the next few weeks will I settle into a new routine. I've got some giveaways and tutorials in the works for September and the fall, so I'm excited about that! Honestly, it's also been entirely too hot here to do much of anything the past few weeks. Soooooo miserable. Anyone else in the midst of a heatwave?

The rest of this post is just a bunch of random crafty stuff I've managed to squeeze in lately. . . 

Remember friendship bracelets from back in the day? Apparently they've made a comeback in the fashion world. And apparently I really like embroidery floss because I keep buying more every time I go to a craft store! I signed up for a friendship bracelet swap over at Modern Marigold and have been busy making some bracelets to send out to my swap partners.  If I can find the supplies, I really, really want to try to make some of these.

I finally broke down and ordered some washi tape! I've been in love with the pretty tape for ages but just could never decide on a color. The stuff's not exactly cheap so I didn't want to commit to a whole roll of just one color. Etsy came to the rescue! I found this shop which sells washi tape by the foot on the cutest wooden spools. This way I could order several colors without breaking the bank. I actually ordered the tape for a packaging project that I'll share with you soon, but couldn't help use a little for the gifts below.

Speaking of gifts, I also made two of these notebook covers to mail out to recipients that shall remain nameless in case they stop by here before getting their packages! I used Keyka Lou's Swatch Book Cover pattern and some pretty scraps sent over by the always awesome Anna. Quick and easy project! There's a coupon code {summersewing} for 20% of any pattern purchase through this Saturday if you're in need of something new to sew.

 Let's see, I've also been brushing up on my Photoshop skills by entering Dana's 'Design My Header' contest. There's still time to enter so head over to Made and check out the details. There are some fun prizes up for grabs and lots of really cool headers to peruse in the Flickr group. Here's one of my entries:

Last, but not least, for my fellow Project Runway fans. . .

How awesome is this poster?!?! I found Amy's blog, A is for Ampersand via Pinterest, and came across some fun Tim Gunn printable posters. Click here to get one for yourself :)

credit: amy morby / a is for ampersand

Have a great weekend!


  1. All awesome projects!!! Love your notebook covers!! Can't wait to see your bracelets! :)

  2. cool stuff girl! and glad you like the scraps. :) Hope you continue to adjust to your new routine, and that it cools off for you soon!

  3. great stuff love the notebook covers :)

  4. I love your header!! It will be interesting to see what Dana picks, it really just comes down to her taste. But I really really love yours.

  5. loved this post- all the crafty goodness. Congrats on the new job- hope the adjustment period is small and relatively painless. :)

  6. fun to see all you are working on! Love those notebooks and the cool washi tape. I am interested in seeing your packaging project since i SUCK at packaging!