just because

I don't have anything crafty to post since I'm in the middle of what seems like 20 projects. I totally have crafting ADD and sometimes, when it gets to be too much, I end up playing around on the lap top instead.  Usually a bit of blog browsing, Etsy shopping, and photo editing in PSE. Case in point: this photo.

if anyone is curious:  I used my 85mm f/1.8 lens:  shot at 200 ISO /  1/640 sec / f/2.8 / no flash
{this stinker will be 3 next month. where on earth does the time go?}

Yesterday, I realized I hadn't pulled the camera out for anything other than taking photos for the shop lately. Thought it was time to remedy that. There's an old brick building just down the street from my house. I can see the back of it from my kitchen window. I love staring at it in the mornings while making my coffee. Something about the colors, I guess. My neighbor mentioned it used to be a general store which makes sense since it has a faded Coca Cola logo painted along one side. So, finally I took the kiddo over to the brick building and snapped a few photos. Just because. The "photo shoot" lasted about 4 minutes. I got one good photo. I take what I can get!

Sweet Shot Day


  1. Beautiful picture! Love the brick wall background and that fantasic smile!

  2. Love that wall and that cutie of yours! Great picture!!

  3. Such a cute picture! I know what you mean by having craft ADD. That is definitely me. I can't decide what project I should do so I end up not doing anything! It's getting bad. Really bad!

  4. Great picture. I am in a craft ADD funk myself. I have Ideas... I start them then I guess I get bored and a new Idea comes....so I have like 5 half finished Items sitting in the craft room. and here I am on the Lap top...

  5. Love the shot and I ask myself that question almost daily! Where has the time gone that our children are all getting so big so fast!


  6. This is such a great picture. I love candid shots like this that are sooo priceless!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  7. Oh my gosh she is growing so fast!