Lately. . .

I find production sewing kind of tough but always love the end result. I finally finished up an order for six of these mini wallets {pattern by polly danger}. I thought they looked really cute all stacked up so I had to take a few pictures before mailing them off. They just look so cheerful!

Once I had those completed, I thought I'd do some just for fun sewing. I recently picked up some of this awesome lavender plaid fabric and really needed to cut into it even though it was way past my bed time. I whipped up this pouch using a bit of the plaid, along with some scraps of black denim, and did some random stitching. Anywho, back to work I go! The shop is in dire need of camera strap covers. . .

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving weekend
hello to everyone stopping by via Sew Mama Sew!
Welcome :)


  1. they came out so awesome!!!!

  2. cuteness! i love those little wallets!

  3. Cute buttons and the blue and pink pattern is adorable.

  4. I'm loving your blog! I'm sure I'm one of many who found it through Sew Mama Sew. Just wanted to say Hi! And that I'm loving all of your tutorials.


  5. It really does feel great to complete a project :) And your little wallets came out to be so gorgeous!

  6. these are sooooo adorable Vanessa. Love the wallets and of course the little zippy pouch. I love how you put fabrics together. super cool to see you on sew mama sew too! :)

  7. I enjoyed reading your blog. I am so impressed you have been on the internet that long!!


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