{mish mash monday}

Everyone have a good weekend? I'm seriously loving the cooler, less humid weather. I've got all the windows open and plan to enjoy every single second of fall. The kiddo, not so much. She's missing her baby pool. The sidewalk chalk I gave her to play with just didn't hold the same appeal. Hey, there's always the bathtub, right?


Emily of the anderson crew will be hosting a fundraiser event October 11-15 for a really sweet cause.  I'll share more details as she posts them but from what I do know, there will be some awesome stuff up for grabs! Giveaways galore including a few things from my shop. In the meantime, go check out the fun, amazing, inspiring photography on her blog :)

Weekend Craftiness...

I was actually productive this weekend! I was beginning to get worried. I'd come back to my sewing room at night to get started on something, anything and would realize about an hour later I hadn't gotten anything done. Anywho, I finally got motivated to get into gear by a customer. I was asked to make a camera strap cover with 2 pockets as she wanted one for both her lens cap and also a place to stash memory cards. I added a little Velcro to the pocket to make sure the memory cards stayed put! I may add this to the tutorial. Eventually. I also managed to sew up two more straps last night for the shop.

Coming Soon. . . 

I've recently "met" a few cool chicks via comments left here or emails they've sent who are just getting started in blogging and opening Etsy shops. There is so much to learn and just today I realized how much more I still need to learn. While editing photos last night, I found out I was creating my posts here through an OLD, soon to be removed editor. I've been making things so much harder on myself and I had no idea! So, in hopes of maybe helping some of you out, I think I'll put together a post soon with things I've found to be helpful with blogging and photography Tips and tricks.. Er, something like that. Sound good?

One last thing. . . 

Team Mondo!


  1. She sure is super cute! Can't wait to see what you have to teach us!! :)

  2. thanks for posting about share the love week!

    so excited and i love your stuff :)

  3. \i would absolutely love hints on blogging! Thank you!

  4. I love love love the herringbone fabric of the camera strap. Can you tell me where it's from? Thank you!!

  5. Morgan - I actually found several yards at my local thrift store. I'm close to running out and not sure what I'll do then! I love the stuff because it works with everything! I've been keeping an eye out for something similar, if I find anything, I'll post it on the blog.