Papery Things

I love papery stuff *almost* as much as fabric. I'm a sucker for cool stationary, stickers, tags, etc. I'm hoping to incorporate that into great packaging for stuff I sell in the shop. I decided last week to design my own business cards. I've been using one of the pre-made designs from Vistaprint but wanted to do something different this go around. I used Photoshop Elements and various freebies to come up with the card above (front and back) and am having them printed at I'm still waiting for them to come in the mail so not sure what they'll look like in person! Maybe I should have stuck with the white font for the back but I wanted to make sure the pertinent info was easy to read. Any thoughts?

Sources for clip art, textures, etc:

Washi Tape by pugly pixel

Doily by pugly pixel

Fabric Textures by daintyish

I highly suggest checking out all of the amazing stuff available for download on Deviantart! (Make sure to check the terms of use of anything you want to download. Just sayin'.)

Here is some more papery stuff I hope to get my hands on soon to prettify my packages:

Clockwise from top:

Glassine Bags by sugarbsupplies
Lace Doily Rubber Stamp by PrettyTape
Cute label notes from Japan by downtownfabrics
Japanese Masking Tape by PrettyTape

*I thought it would be cool to put the business cards in the glassine bags and finish them off with the washi tape. Not sure what the stamp would be for but it's awesome!


  1. How fun! I really love your new business card design. Thanks for sharing the links for clip art!

  2. Very cute! I am so challenged when it comes to the computer so I am in awe of your talent. If you haven't already check out this shop, there was one by us in Boston and they have fantastic paper stuff. Amy

  3. very cool vanessa. I downloaded that same washi tape clip art the other day, it's really cool, love your cards!

  4. those are adorable! nice work. I wish I could get fancy with the computer...alas...not much!

  5. I love paper! Such a great b.card. I like the black font.

  6. Your speaking my language...I too am a paper/office supply junkie. Give me binder clips and manilla envys any day and I'll be a happy, happy camper. Love your designs and best of luck with your shop! Thanks for sharing!