Patchwork Camera Stap Cover

I got a new camera about a month ago (don't tell my sewing machine but I think I'm in love). Yesterday, I got another lovely package full of fabric scraps from my friend, Lyann. Today, the kiddo actually took a nap. After waiting about 15 minutes to make sure it was actually happening, I decided to try my hand at one of these nifty camera strap covers I keep seeing around. Seemed simple enough and other than choosing what fabric bits to use, it was! I managed to get it finished up just as Syd was waking up. I dug out my old SLR to model the strap so I could get some photos. I'm just not sure about the width. . . it's kind of wider than I really want but that's necessary for the lens cap pocket. Since that's my favorite part of the strap, I think I'll deal with the width. I lined the strap with fusible fleece so it's definitely comfy.

Funny side story: pretty much all summer I've been bummed about the fact that the kiddo has shunned napping almost entirely. Today I realize just how hot my sewing room is in the middle of the day when it's upwards 95 degrees outside and the iron is plugged in. The air conditioning stands no chance in the sweatshop. So, I guess Syd has been doing me a favor after all!


  1. Love, love, love what you did with the strap. Reasons why I love yours more than mine: it's so cute with the mixtures of fun fabrics (never thought of doing that), how neat to make a pouch for the lens cover (never thought of doing that), and you made it and I love everything you make!!!

  2. love what you did with the scraps;) It's so pretty.
    And don't you worry, I am making more for you.

  3. I really like your camera strap! The fabric you used really look pretty together! The lens cap idea is just fantastic too!

  4. Really digging the camera strap...the lens cap pocket is genius!

    I swear I always wind up tucking mine in a random pocket, and then spend an hour trying to track it down after the fact.