Be cool, Soda Pop*

Oh wow. I'm having a hard time getting motivated today. No milk = no coffee. I'm not hardcore enough to drink coffee black. So, hopefully I can get through a simple blog post despite the lack of caffeine!

First order of business: we have a winner for the $40 CSN Stores giveaway. Lucky contestant number 8 won!!

8. BK on July 8, 2010 11:08 AM

I will be spending mine on home decor. I am not sure exactly what yet. There are many great things on the site! I love LBG!

I'll be contacting you shortly!


I also want to mention that Sabrina of
Noodles and Milk was kind enough to write up a feature about my Etsy shop over on her blog this morning. We decided to throw in a little giveaway as well. Head over to Noodles and Milk to enter this pouch/key fob combo I whipped up for the occasion.

*vague blog title reference source:
Veronica Mars. Seriously, how did I miss this show back in 2004?? Oh, that's right, I didn't have cable then. Sigh. Anyways, through the awesomeness that is Netflix, I've been watching back to back episodes of Veronica Mars this past week or so. LOVE IT!


  1. so so cute Vanessa! I love your stuff. And congrats to your winner, too! I made my slouch bag last week, excited to share it soon!

  2. Your give away is so cute!! That is so sweet!

  3. I am SO a cream in my coffee kind of girl! Found your BLOG from Noodles and Milk. FANTASTIC!