Rainy Days

I am most definitely not a morning person. Add some cloudy, rainy weather and I may as well not get out of bed. Unfortunately, a certain little someone thinks spending the day in bed is neither fun nor entertaining. Crazy talk! So, since getting out in the yucky weather is not an option, we'll just have to find things to do here at home. (We did get out in the rain yesterday only to get drenched and lose a shoe in a parking lot. Syd's shoe, not mine. We did end up finding it. It was a wee bit smooshed. Someone ran over it!) Anyways, I plan to do some reading on the couch and finish up a dress I'm working on. Making sure Syd doesn't eat any crayons will keep things interesting. . . Do you have anything you love to do on rainy days?

Here's the dress I need to finish up today:

The dress below was my first attempt. I didn't cut my pattern out correctly (huh!?) and it turned out a bit wide. No worries. It's hard to mess up a peasant dress! I swapped out the buttons and added a contrasting neck line casing to "girl up" the shirt. Check out Made or Brown Paper Packages for a million and one dress ideas that you could use to spice up a shirt dress! Leisel is hosting a pattern makeover month where she takes this peasant dress pattern and alters/embellishes/refashions it to come up with some amazing dresses.

*The book I'm currently reading is by a Swedish author. Very interesting take on the vampire tale. My sister sent it to me since we were both about to finish up the Millennium series by Stieg Larsson and are bummed that there will be no more books by this amazing author.


  1. That will be very cute when you are done!

  2. glad I'm not the only one who feels like laying around on a rainy day. it's been wayy to crappy here and I can't seem to get much done!