More Kitchen-y Stuff

The kidlet has been running me ragged lately so I don't have much of anything new to share. Does it get better at 3 or are the terrible two's just a preview?? And since Glee was on tonight and I really want to go watch it instead of being productive, I probably won't have anything new to share tomorrow either :( I do have a few things in the works though. I decided in the midst of "Spice Up Your Kitchen" week that it was high time I do something about the hideously old, nasty, and ugly Walmart oven mitt I've been using for years. I want to make some pretty new ones and have a burning ceremony for the ugly one. I've got my Insul-Bright and batting cut out and now I've just got to decide what fabrics I want to use. Decisions, decisions. As usual, I have been browsing Flickr for ideas. Now if I can just find the time to make them! Does anyone have a great template for oven mitts? I found two (this one and the one that came with the Insul-Bright) and have kind of combined both to create a shape I like but they just seem huge! Maybe once they're actually sewn together and flipped right side out, they'll look a bit more human sized. We shall see...


  1. Those are super cute!! I've never used a mit and don't know why :)
    Enjoy the time with your QT Pie as they are in school before you know it!

  2. I can't wait to see what you come up with! I never use an oven mitt either . . . I really love potholders, especially my enlarged "Just a Pinch" potholders made with the Keyka Lou pattern. Good luck! I'm sure whatever you make will look awesome!

  3. Never made an oven mitt, although they look fun!