Streamlined Craftiness

I waited tables/bartended for like a millennium. For the most part, I always wore an apron. Really quite convenient as it kept everything were I needed. How excited was I to find this seamstress apron pattern by Craft Apple? Very. For two reasons. . . I really wanted an apron to wear for the show I did last weekend. I ended up not wearing it but that's a whole other story. And more importantly, I needed a way to keep track of my seam ripper, fabric pen, scissors, etc while sewing. Out of every hour I spend sewing, probably 20 minutes are spent searching for stuff. Total waste of time! Especially when I've got a tough little boss who doesn't always give me sewing breaks.

Anywho, I stayed up til 2 am the night before the show to whip this bad boy up. The pattern is super easy to follow and there are lots of ways to customize your apron. It came together quickly which is always a plus. I used some cute fabrics by Heather Bailey and Joel Dewberry and instead of interfacing (didn't want to fight the wrinkles) I lined everything with twill. It gives the apron a nice weight and helps protect me from jabs from the seam ripper. Who knew sewing was a contact sport?! Granted, I haven't sewn my fingers with the machine (yet) but I do like to keep a box of bandaids in my sewing room for needle sticks and such. I haven't done any marathon sewing sessions since making the apron as I'm still recovering from last minute panic sewing for the show, but I'm pretty sure it's going to help out.

On a side note, I wanted to mention that whenever I am considering buying a pattern from a designer I'm not familiar with, I head over to Flickr and do a quick search. If I see that other sewers have made cute stuff from a particular pattern, I go for it and usually pick up some good tips in the process. I seriously love Flickr. I have met lots of cool people there and have gotten tons of inspiration and great advice. I know a lot of you have Flickr accounts and know this already but for those of you who are new to pdf patterns or patterns created by indie designers (way better than those crappy mass market patterns) definitely keep that in mind!


  1. great apron, always wanted to make one of those. :) And yes, flickr is way cool, I like to look up the same info! :)

  2. I agree with you on Flickr . . . actually because of Flickr, I think I have more things on my "want-to-sew" list than I'll ever be able to make, but I guess that's a good problem :-) I love your apron, and I hear you on "the boss" . . . I have one of those too, and she doesn't let me do much sewing while she's awake!