Hey, that's not Elmo!

I'm a bit late in posting about Valentine's Day but such is life for me these days, always a day late and a dollar short! I was having a hard time trying to find something to give Sydney for V-Day when I came across this adorable pattern by Blinking Flights. So, as usual, at the very last minute (nap time on Valentine's Day to be exact) I whipped one of these up. I used a vintage pillowcase I picked up at the thrift store some time ago and was able to finish just as Syd was waking up. I fell in love with this little softie-quite proud of my improving embroidery skills and whatnot, and couldn't wait to see Syd's reaction when I gave it to her. Ha! She swats it away when I try to hand it to her. She refuses to have anything to do with this doll. It may in part have something to do with her fierce loyalty to her Elmo doll, the only doll she's really ever acknowledged. My handmade creations just can't compete :(


  1. Super cute! Sorry it won't be loved by your daughter :(

  2. Thanks! I'm hoping she'll warm up to it eventually ;)

  3. Oh, this is so very sweet! I'm in love...and I'm sure in time your little doll will give up Elmo in favor of this...how could she not? :)