Nifty New Tool for Online Sellers

I just read about a new site called Sellit on Etsy's blog and thought I'd give it a try. Not sure yet if it will make things easier for me or just add to the online chaos! Anyone else try this yet? Apparently, you can update your latest shop news and products to Facebook, Twitter, and blog in a one stop shop. You can also create a mini-shop like the one below and share it via the net. Looks interesting. . .


  1. I actually think this is pretty cool. It might be one of those things that if everyone starts using it you will kind of be forced to use it to keep up?? I'm not sure about the expensive ad ons though. Mmmmm...I guess we will see. Love your new zippy's Vanessa!

  2. Hmm! That does seem pretty cool for like a facebook fan page or something :)

  3. Thanks, Rachelle!

    Pattie - I tried using this to post to my Facebook but it seems that it will only post to your personal page, not your fan page. Kind of not what I had in mind!


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