I' ve Lost My Mojo!

For the record, I despise the word 'mojo' but it's the only word I can think of that sort of fits. That or I could say I have the sewer's version of writer's block. Either way, it isn't pretty. Lately, projects just aren't turning out. My pile of "hmm, I'll fix that later" is growing steadily and it frustrates me. I've got lots of things that need to be made or done:

1. stuff for the shop, of course

2. items for the blog swap I signed up for

3. things I've promised friends (sorry, Lyann!)

4. figuring out how to adjust the column width on this blog so things aren't so crowded. HTML is not my friend.

5. major clean up - My sewing room is a hot mess at the moment! My fabric collection is quickly outgrowing what little space I have but it's not like I can just quit buying fabric, ya know?!?

6. and last but not least, CHRISTMAS!!!Gifts need to be made. Yikes.

So, how do I plan to tackle these issues? Avoidance! I'm putting the work aside and am trying out a super cute bear softie pattern. Looks simple enough and if I mess that up too, well, I don't think my almost 2 year old will turn her nose up at it. Maybe sewing just for the sake of fun will cure me of this funk! Then it will back to business as usual!

I have managed to accomplish one thing this past week: I overcame my fear of "THE SERGER" and actually used it to finish up a custom order. I am so loving this serger!!! Made things a lot faster and the pants turned out looking quite nice on the inside (as well as the outside, of course). If you are in the market for a serger and don't have lots to spend, I highly recommend the Brother 1034D. It comes with 2 instructional videos that really help despite being highly reminiscent of a lost episode of the Golden Girls.

*If you are in need of some new sewing projects, check out the "Made" button on the right side of the this page. . . it will take you to a really cool blog FULL of awesome tutorials. Happy sewing!


  1. First, you NEED to get to Sir's in Fayetteville, TN!!! A drive, I know, but really worth it. Their website is www.sirsfabric.com. We had a great time and left only when a Tornado was headed in our immediate direction.
    Second, I've got my fabrics and need to get them to you. What will work best for you? I'm in J'ville M-Th. Let me know if I should meet you somewhere, come to you, etc.
    Third, so sorry about the lost Mojo! Take a sewing break, troll some cool blogs, and I'm sure it will come right back.
    --:) Jennie

  2. wow... xmas gifts haven't even crossed my mind yet, so you are ahead of the game! i hate when i get craft block too.... taking a day or two away from it, i find helps a lot.

  3. Yes, I think a day or two off are in order. Then perhaps doing some cleaning up so that have room to work!

  4. We've all had those days, where it's not working quite the way it should. You got the right idea to cure it, tho!


  5. I was just given a serger but am WAY too scared to even think about using it- let alone THREADING it! I don't think I'll ever get the guts to use it!

  6. If the serger came threaded, you can tie your new thread to the old and pull it through-it's the "cheater" method I used!!! It worked, so. . . I was scared too but then figured what was the worst that could happen? I think once you do get it threaded, the rest isn't so bad. My serger is quite loud and pretty fast but I've gotten kind of used to it. Go for it! You'll be happy you did.

  7. I know exactly how you feel, I also have a pile of projects that I need to rescue but once they get into that pile it's all over, I can't seem to go back to them. I hope your softie works out for you. Sergers can be scary because they are fast and they cut (sometimes not where you intended) but they are great once you get going. Cute pants!

  8. Thanks for the link! I recently bought a serger on CL, and thank God for the manual! It took me an hour and a half to figure out how to thread it! Holy Moly! However, after much cheering and oohs and awws from the peanut gallery, I made my first stitches with it. YEAH! Overlock success. I feel so accomplished! My mom would be so proud of me!