Poor Little Neglected Blog

I haven't had a minute to spare lately. I have been super busy working on stuff for the shop and trying to promote. Thought I'd pop on here for a second to say hello and post some photos of what I've been working on. When I finally get the shop well stocked I will be having a grand opening sale of sorts and will post a coupon code here. That should come in handy for Christmas shopping! Keep in mind that I can do custom orders: see a bag but want different fabric/vice versa. . .talk to me and we'll see what we can come up with!

Check back soon for that coupon code offer and to see what's new in the shop. Coming soon: boxy wallets and bags with bows. Cool bows, mind you, not foo foo bows.


  1. Love it! Great to start out the fall. When are you going start making mid-size to large bags? These are the kinds of bags I need for everyday use.
    Also, bought Little Stitches by Amy Butler. Cute things to sell.

  2. Thanks! The bag above would fall into the mid-size category I think. It would hold my big wallet, 2 coupon holder thingies, phone, keys. . . I plan to make some with shoulder straps as well soon.

    I don't know about the really large bags. I would have to find a source for good canvas or other type of thick fabric so I wouldn't have to use interfacing and stabilizer. I think having to use all that in making a large bag would be really cost prohibitive! Send me a pic of you holding one of your big bags so I can get an idea of just how big you mean.

    That Amy Butler book IS cute. You can't sell items made from those patterns though. Pesky copyright laws ;)

  3. The bags are looking great! You are well on your way to setting up a successful shop.:) I didn't realize that you couldn't sell things made from the Amy Butler patterns...

  4. Thanks, Audrey. Yeah, most patterns are for personal use only. I was lucky enough to find a few pattern makers that allow limited commercial sales-basically with the license they provide I can sell what I can make with my own two hands.

    You don't have much longer to go! So exciting. I got baby fever for about 2 minutes last night but then reality set in. I am still not recovered from the lack of sleep when Syd was little. Not to scare you. . . our situation was a little different since she was born early. We did the newborn stage way longer than usual!