Vintagey Goodness

Going to the thrift store to search for fabric has become a weekly thing for Syd and I. I've been lucky enough to find some really awesome stuff lately and this week was definitely was a winner. I found some fabrics and interfacing (yards and yards!) and was about to make my way to the cash register. I then remembered I was in need of a new book to read, so we swung by the ginormous book section of the store. After finding a new-to-me copy of a Karin Slaughter novel, we made our way to the front via the "craft" aisle. I rarely check this section out because it usually consists of a bunch of ratty ribbon and old glue. Not so this time. . . I found both a bag full of vintage buttons and another full of random sewing notions. So, for seven bucks, I made out like a bandit. If you are a sewing nerd like me, you'll understand my moment of glee as I happily placed my bags in the trunk of the car.

My advice to fellow sewists and crafters: run, don't walk, to your local or maybe not so local thrift stores and see what you can come up with!


  1. Hope you find lots of fabulous stuff! I'm going to send you some buttons.

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE those ornate green buttons. I would've died to find those. Lucky girl!

  3. I know! The green are my favorite. Still trying to find a project/fabric that is perfect to use them with.