Little Big Girl (and boy) Studio??

It's been mentioned to me a few times that I should make something for the little fellas out there. I grew up with a sister, have no boy relatives whatsoever, and have a little girl myself. Making boy stuff is a bit out of my element. However, I have come across a cute little pattern for pants! So, I plan to go on the hunt for some non-cheesy boyish fabric and whip some up. I will post the results soon and add them to my shop.

Also at the suggestion of a friend, I may start adding hand made bias tape to my shop for those of you who sew. Bias tape is awesome stuff and makes easy work of tons of projects. It's just not all that fun to make. . . so if you are in need of some neat bias tape you can't pick up at the store, let me know.

Happy weekend everyone!

UPDATE: I found some awesome fabric for the little boy pants at a cool etsy shop and plan to order some this weekend. There's a lot more out there than I anticipated. I may go broke in a fabric buying frenzy. . .


  1. what a cute pattern! Some simple pants would be wide leg pants with an elastic waist. So when the boys get older they can be like 3/4 leg pants.
    Super easy, super cute.

    OOOHH- Just saw on the side bar Ottobre Design. I made a dress for Malia. I will post it on my FB.

  2. I found the perfect sewing pattern for the pants-very similar to what you are talking about. I started a pair last night (girl version for syd) and hope I can finish them today.

    Where did you find an Ottobre Design magazine/book? I found where I could get a subscription but it's very pricey!Do you like their patterns? I love the designs but am very lazy and don't want to get into anything too complicated! Shame on me.

  3. Hey, Vanessa, Cute fabric...My brother will be having his baby in Sept so I will definitely see what you have cooking and get some for sure! Keep up the good work!

  4. I found out about OD through my Natural Family group. I can't find the picture of Malia with the dress. I will keep looking.
    I have to say making a dress from OB is not simple. Have you seen the pattern book before? If there is a pattern you like from winter 6/2007 I can cut the pattern for you and copy the directions. Have a try and see if you like the it before buying one.

  5. I will try to see if I can find the 6-2007 book online and take a look at it. I read that the patterns don't include a seam allowance and that everything has to be traced?? I saw the picture you posted on FB-looks like you did a great job.

  6. Jessica, I ordered some of the little car fabric last night. . . hope to get it in the next few days!

  7. awesome. also, i know i'm biased because i'm a farmer...but farm prints seem to be really in these days (lucky me). i think this shirt that someone gave me from H&M is too cute - fun patterns for boys:

    I wish I could have registered with you for my baby shower! I couldn't even register for clothes at all because there's hardly any good boy stuff out there. (But, in all honesty, we're received more hand-me-downs than i know what to do with.)

  8. That shirt is fabulous! I love H&M. I shopped there a lot when I lived in Germany and my mum brings Syd tons of stuff from there when she visits. I've been to the one in Atlantic Station-wasn't quite the same though.

    A friend of mine has a 5 month old little boy and she's found some cute stuff at Old Navy and Target. Old Navy especially has a lot of retro looking stuff. She got one shirt that looked straight out of the 70's and it looked so cute on him.

    I will keep an eye out for some farm themed stuff and post my findings. I relax at night by either reading or browsing the web for fabric!

    That is so cool that you farm. I was just thinking to myself after spending a ridiculous amount of money on produce that I need to dig up part of my back yard next year and plant some things. We eat tons of tomatoes each week-that at least would be something worth growing! I just wouldn't know where to even start.

  9. Wish you lived closer and we could trade food for clothes!

    Target boy stuff does not impress me at all (especially compared to their girls' selection which is really great). Haven't checked out Old Navy. I love the TEA Collection but it's really too expensive for anything other than special occasions.

  10. I know! That would be a perfect set up.

    TEA collection does have some really nice stuff. There is definitely a disparity in what stores carry for girls vs boys. I suppose until more recently, people really thought in limited terms of what boys should wear. Looks like that's changing a little though.

    I remember sitting at CVS one day waiting for a prescription and this lady kept asking me about my little boy. I finally said "Actually, she's a girl" and the woman replied by saying that I must have boys at home. At this point I'm totally confused. I finally figure out she's convinced that I have Sydney dressed in boy clothes since her pants were brown. People are weird. . .