I love surprises!

I received an email yesterday informing me I actually won something! I had entered a blog giveaway for a cute bag from Borsa Bella and now I get to pick one out. Perfect timing as I was just lamenting on the fact that I don't have any "small" purses to take to the movies, zoo, or wherever doesn't require bringing along my massive coupon collection. I was planning on making one eventually but this is even better. Thanks again to Piewacket Unique Show and Tell; a really neat photography blog you should give a look-see, for hosting this awesome giveaway. I'm thinking I may have to do a giveaway here soon. . . stay tuned.

Despite being really busy gloating over my internet winnings, I have managed to find the time to make a few more skirts. The first photo is of a custom order skirt which will be on its way to a new home in California today (excuse the wrinkles as I had already packed it before realizing I needed a photo). The other photos are of Syd sporting a skirt I made just for her. Because she needed one!

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