Back in The Saddle!

Thanks to the generosity of a friend, I have a loaner to use while I figure out what's what with my poor, broken down sewing machine. I was able to finish up the pants I was working on when said machine died. I also discovered an awesome site called Polyvore that I plan to utilize to make this blog a little more fun and useful (you'll see what I'm talking about further below).

I enjoy making clothes for my little girl and for any kids out their whose moms like my style. I also love to shop for Sydney. It won't matter how skilled I become at sewing, I will still find stuff in stores that I love and will want to buy. For example, while Father's Day shopping, I came across the cutest top at Old Navy. As soon as I saw it I thought it would go perfectly with the pants I will picture below. I know there are a lot of "boutique" style kid's clothes on etsy and artfire and that's really not my style. Some of it is cute but some is just plain over the top. I like simple, distinctive pieces that can match what you may already have in your closet. Or what you may find while shopping. You probably won't ever see me selling matched sets of anything. Mix it up, it's more fun!

So, when I can, I will show you inexpensive clothes you can easily shop for that coordinate with the particular item I've made and am posting about. Hope you enjoy!

By clicking the above picture, you will be taken to the Polyvore site where shopping information about the clothes is listed.


  1. Hey there! Glad you got back to sewing, bummer about the machine. Until about two years ago I was sewing on my Mom's 30 year old machine. It's still going but one of my sisters is using it now. Still, I feel like my new machine is not as well built.

  2. I think I will be able to get it fixed under the warranty BUT it's going to be a major pain to do it. . .a whole bunch of hurry up and wait. All I've heard is that old machines are the best-that they will work for 50+ years and that machines today are not made like that anymore. It's a shame!

    What do you use now? I am always curious to know what people sew with and how well they like their machine!