I'm not really a hairbow kinda girl. . .

but I do like these little clips. Syd's hair is getting just long enough that it sort of gets in her eyes. It also seems to like to part right down the middle. Not an especially cute look. One or two of these clips do the trick: keep her hair out of her face, tame it if she's having a bad hair day, and they are just girly enough. I'm just going to randomly make these and post pics. If you see some you like, just let me know. You can mix and match or if there is a particular color/pattern you'd prefer, I can custom make them. $2.50 a pair

Here are the first of some embellished hair clips I plan to make. Just a little more "snazzy" than the simple clips. $3 a pair

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  1. Love them! Perfect for that fine, soft baby hair. PS - thanks for the two new websites to check out!